Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus
Opioids, Alcohol and Athletes
BIG Healthy Life
New Marijuana
Hikers, Bikers & Automobiles: Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety
I Am New Mexico Public Schools
PREGNANT: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Everyone's Business: Protecting Our Children
Bystanders Ending BULLYING
NO EXCEPTIONS, Pain Killer Addiction
DOMENICI, National Leadership
SMASHED: Youth, Brains and Alcohol
CODY - The First Step, Paralysis Issues
Looking In, Homelessness
Date Violence, Dating Issues
Not In My Family, Mental Health Stigma
Coming Back, Youth Suicide
See Mommy Cry, Domestic Violence
Healing the Earth, Global Warming
High, Kids and Drugs
Knowing When to Stop, Gambling Addiction
Risk, Adolescent Brains

Vaccination Misinformation documentary

An Education CAMPAIGN
To create an understanding of the importance of vaccinations.

“This documentary is honest scientific information about all vaccines and how crucial they are to community health.” - RADM (ret) Pamela Schweitzer, Pharm.D. Former Assistant Surgeon General

This is a comprehensive campaign to help instill vaccine confidence by explaining why vaccines are safe, crucial to community health and save millions of lives annually. While the project includes Covid vaccination, it addresses ALL vaccines and centers on a PBS documentary but also includes short video tools for health professionals and communities to use when explaining these issues in order to create vaccine confidence.

More information at:

Vape: A Documentary And Education/Prevention Campaign

vape logo

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VAPE” is centered around a documentary program regarding the use of E-cigarettes especially in the youth community so parents, educators and juveniles understand the spectrum of health issues and dangers associated with these products. Because the number of youth users is rising dramatically, the program helps explain the product and its various uses including for nicotine and cannabis consumption. Communities, parents, and, most importantly, teen peers will learn the current facts around this kind of ingestion.

Friday, August 16 at 6pm, South Broadway Cultural Center 
1025 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Doors Open at 5:30 pm
FREE to the public

Learn more, click here to view flyer.

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“OSIMI” chronicles the life of a man called the “Nelson Mandela” of Central Asia. With our world in turmoil through cultural and philosophical differences, the story of one man - in a country most could not locate on a map - changes the paradigm of how to create peace.  Narrated by Oscar © Nominated Ali MacGraw, the documentary is filmed in Tajikistan, India, France, Spain, Russia and the United States. Through Muhammad Osimi we witness the power of art, education and science to help heal his country even during a bloody civil war.   The concepts that he lived for, fought for, and ultimately for which he died, will serve us all and continue to grow through his family, friends and students. 

Produced by Emmy Award winning Christopher Productions, LLC.
Broadcasting on New Mexico PBS Fall, 2018 · Distributed to PBS stations nationwide.

On photos: (left) Director Chris Schueler working with Ali MacGraw during recording of the narration; (right) Schueler Interviewing UNESCO Exec. Dir. Federico Mayor Zaragoza in Madrid.

osimi osimi

Opioids, Alcohol and Athletes

A safety and education campaign to understand the dangers of painkillers and alcohol for student athletes.

New Mexico use of opioids has become almost epidemic.  According to the most recent Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (2015), over one in ten (14.3%) kids grade 9-12 use prescription drugs without a prescription.  The face of opioid addiction is changing to a younger and younger demographic and the danger of injury and painkiller use for New Mexico student athletes is especially concerning.

In conjunction with the Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health and the New Mexico Activities Association, Christopher Productions, LLC created seven short videos for use with presentations to student athletes and through on line venues to reach the student athletes as well as their parents and coaches.

YouTube Links: 

  1. Athletes  8 min
  2. Coaches  9 min
  3. High School Parents  15 min
  4. Athlete Stories  6 min
  5. Opioids and Addiction  5 min
  6. Athletes and Alcohol  4 min
  7. Mid School Parents  7 min



“One of the hardest things about dealing with mental illness is, that we don’t acknowledge it. So, we make people hide from what is a big part of their lives. We don’t acknowledge what a challenge it is to have those issues. Then, we need to accept those. That, these are part of life. They’re no different from other illnesses. They’re just things that happen to you. They are not things that happen to you because you’re a bad person, and you’re not taking care of yourself.” – Susan Page, Lawyer

Also see: Breaking the Silence New Mexico (school mental health presentations): to learn more, email

Friday, August 17, 6:00 pm, South Broadway Cultural Center

BIG Healthy Life, what's your recipe? 

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“If we continue on this trend, kids of today will not outlive their parents” - Sylvia Negrete, MD

“Big Healthy Life” is a documentary to help youth and parents understand the lifelong effects of nutrition and exercise habits on New Mexico’s youth and how they relate to becoming overweight or obese. In addition to highlighting how healthy eating and daily exercise can increase lifetime health and decrease spending on health issues in later life, the program examines the various ways that small changes in shopping and daily activity by parents and youth can turn in to very BIG results. The program is underwritten by: Presbyterian Healthcare Services in association with CHI St. Joseph’s Children, The City of Albuquerque / Department of Family & Community Services, New Mexico Department of Health/Family Health Bureau, Bernalillo County/Department of Addiction Treatment Services, Cooperative Educational Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, New Mexico School Boards Association, New Mexico Pediatric Society and SafeTeen New Mexico.

Saturday, August 19, 5:30 pm, South Broadway Cultural Center


Saturday, Aug. 26  7pm  FOX New Mexico
Sunday, Aug. 27  7pm  KWBQ TV
Saturday, Sept. 2  7pm  KRQE NEWS13 (CBS)
Sunday, Sept. 3  11am  FOX NM  /  8pm  KASY My50
Saturday, Sept. 9   2pm  KWBQ   /   8pm  KASY
Sunday, Sept.17    3pm  KASY  /   7pm  KWBQ
Saturday, Sept. 23   8pm  KASY
Sunday, Sept 24   12pm  FOX NM / 7pm  KWBQ
PBS New Mexico KNME 5, KRWG 22 Las Cruces,  KENW 3 Portales
Check local listings September and October

marijuana has changedmarijuana has changed

New Marijuana 

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Marijuana has changed.

“New Marijuana” is a documentary and series of short videos to help youth, parents and educators understand the various changes marijuana has undergone over the last several decades.  The program includes information regarding medical marijuana, the affect of cannabis on teenage brains and DUI and marijuana.  Because of recent debate and changes in the drugs usage and legality (medical and recreational), theperception of marijuana and its safety has changed dramatically. This project includes information about the most recent research and affect cannabis has on all of us.

marijuana has changedmarijuana has changed

I am New Mexico Public Schools 

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Chris Schueler and children from New MExico public schoolWhen bicyclists, motorcyclist or pedestrians are involved in a crash with automobiles, the damage to humans is significant and many times, fatal. And it appears most people tend to be unfamiliar with the rules of sharing the roadways. When alcohol is in the mix, traveling in any mode is extremely dangerous. This campaign utilizes a variety of media and video tools to reach cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and especially motorists to emphasize how to safely share our roadways. Produced by Emmy© Award winning Christopher Productions, LLC in association with SafeTeen New Mexico; sponsors for the program include NM Dept. of Transportation, Bernalillo County Substance Abuse Prevention, the City of Albuquerque, State Farm Insurance and Bike ABQ.

Chris Schueler and children from New MExico public schoolChris Schueler and children from New MExico public school

I am New Mexico Public Schools

teen pregnancy youtube video Trailer

This campaign in conjunction with the New Mexico School Boards Association, includes a short video and several public service announcements that highlight  New Mexico Public Schools. 

Chris Schueler and children from New MExico public schoolChris Schueler and children from New MExico public school

Pregnant: Teen Pregnancy Prevention

teen pregnancy youtube video Trailer | Premiere Invite | Script | Flyer | Resources | Order DVD's | Facebook

* Rocky Mountain Emmy © Award Public, Current, Community Affairs – Program Special

Made possible by:
The City of Albuquerque,
New Mexico Department of Health / Family Health Bureau,
Dona Ana County,
Bernalillo County Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Cooperative Educational Services, Nirvana Mañana Institute,
Albuquerque Community Foundation / Effective Families Fund, New Mexico Public Education Department, New Mexico School Boards Association, New Mexico Pediatric Society, New Mexico Coalition of Educational Leaders.

teen pregnancy preventionFrom a 1953 Sex Education film to "selfie" movies created by teens about "the talk", this program helps teens, their parents and community leaders prevent teen pregnancy. Along with specific solutions, the program will create a lighthearted environment to talk about one of the most awkward subjects in the life of a teenager. Included are short videos about Long Acting Reversible Contraception, how expensive babies can be and a powerful poem by two award winning poets about sex and babies.

Everyone's Business: Protecting our Children

Resources: driven to distraction youtube videoTrailer | Script | Flyer | Bonus Videos | Order DVD's | View Documentary

* Rocky Mountain Emmy © Award Public, Current, Community Affairs – Program Special

child at vigilThe cost of child maltreatment and neglect is enormous to both our government and society. Thousands of children grow through adulthood with the effects of trauma touching every aspect of their lives and often repeat the cycle with their own children. This campaign focuses on FIVE SOLUTIONS that will save millions of dollars and thousands of young lives in New Mexico. It includes a half hour documentary, designated website, 14 bonus videos and three pull out videos specific to topics.

Made possible by:
New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department, The Alongi Family,
New Mexico Department of Health/ Family Health Bureau,
The City of Albuquerque, Brindle Fund at Santa Fe Community Foundation,
Southwest Region National Child Protection Training Center, New Mexico State University, CHI St. Joseph’s Children, New Mexico Child Abuse Prevention Partners,
New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Foundation
and SafeTeen New Mexico


Resources: driven to distraction youtube video Video | Script | Order DVD's | Movie Poster | Facebook

Nine in ten (93%) teens in the US have a computer or have access to one at home.

“Net-iquette” is a comprehensive media campaign to help youth, parents and educators understand the potential dangers associated with use of the internet from stalking and cyber-bullying to sext-ing and future employment issues. This program gives them specific tools and suggestions to make the best use of the internet and stay safe.

Because our youth have grown up in a cyber world that is seamlessly integrated with our daily lives, many parents and other adult leaders are not completely familiar with all the various internet apps, tools and sites that allow people to connect in good and bad ways. Many times, children are more comfortable in that world than the adults who are supposed to look out for them. While we teach our youth the etiquette of various social interactions: restaurant behavior, respect for teachers, adults and each other, sporting event behavior, etc; many adults don’t understand enough to give them guidelines for the cyber on-line world. This is a program that will help.

Bystanders Ending Bullying

driven to distraction youtube video Video | Script | Download DVD | Order DVD's | Viewer Guide | Facebook | Website

Drivers using cell phones are 5 times more likely to crash than non-distracted drivers.

People are as impaired as being drunk when they drive and talk on a cell phone.

Texting is the number one killer of teenagers in the US.

“DRIVEN” is a comprehensive media campaign to help youth and parents understand the dangers associated with distracted driving, particularly cell phone use, and give them specific tools and suggestions to lessen the chance of a crash.

The project involved teens extensively in the production process and the social marketing aspects of the campaign so they could learn for themselves the various issues and reasons for distracted driving and become champions for the cause with their peers. The program highlights the most recent brain research involving cell phone use, DWI, and other causes of crashes and focus on the extremely high numbers for distracted driving crashes especially for young people.

While the project revolved around the documentary, the real reach and effectiveness of the campaign was through the involvement of youth in the creation of the project and dissemination of the program to schools and by print and television news stories carried as a result of the documentary.

Bystanders Ending Bullying

Life Fest Film Festival, Los Angeles
Paralyzed Veterans of America National Conference Premiere, Las Vegas

driven to distraction youtube video Video | Script (with Narration) | Order DVD's


Sea of ChangeThis one-hour documentary narrated by Montel Williams, follows a 24 year old paralyzed woman, Cody Unser, who leads nine war veterans, living in wheelchairs themselves, on an experience they never believed they could have, on a reef 60 feet below the surface of the sea. In the process, this amazing experiment chronicled by Johns Hopkins doctors may change the lives of anyone with paralysis.

Director Chris Schueler films for Sea of ChangeTraveling with the Cody Unser First Step Foundation, war vets and a research team from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine & Kennedy Krieger Institute, this trip to the Cayman Islands examined a surprising question: Can scuba diving positively impact paralysis and PTSD?

The medical research team, lead by Dr. Adam Kaplin and Dr. Daniel Becker, discover amazing results that could forever change the way paralysis and PTSD is treated and the way those in wheelchairs live their lives.

Bystanders Ending Bullying

Video Clip | Order DVD's | Script | Press Release | Viewer Guide | Facebook

* Rocky Mountain Emmy © Award Public, Current, Community Affairs – Program Special


OVER 3 in 10 middle school students (31.2%) and almost 2 in 10 high school students (18.7%) say they have been bullied on school property.
New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey 2011

The word bullying has become a watchword nationally for hurtful behavior that has led to horrific consequences including suicide. It can be motivated by actual or perceived characteristics such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or identity, or any kind of disability.
As the media continues to lead with stories related to the issue and school districts across the state and around the country hear outcries from parents, the definition and ways to deal with the issue are becoming more and more important. This program defines bullying and discusses why and how young people become targets and aggressors. We also learn how the power really lies with the BYSTANDERS, the 85% of students who are seeing this happen and what they can do to help end bullying.


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