In keeping with its mission, for the past 15 years Christopher Productions has worked with non-profit organizations around the world to help make the most of their marketing/promotion budget and – many times – with no budget at all.  Pro bono work has ranged from video education outreach projects in Asia to securing the very best broadcast marketing for public health campaigns in the US.  

Our team has well over 3 decades of experience in local United States affiliate broadcast television, ranging from sales and marketing to extensive newsroom experience. On the non-profit side, our team has wide ranging experience working with organizations ranging from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to the National Institute of Mental Health to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. We are uniquely qualified to help non-profits maximize their outreach efforts through local news stories, social media, commercial announcements and by creating interest in programs or events. 

Consultations can include one and two day seminars with organizations that focus on creating the media message and the best way to deliver that message. These seminars involve group work with stakeholders of the given organization to distill the key intent, audience and call to action. We have been extremely successful working with organizations ranging from domestic violence shelters to broad scope foundations to lobbying organizations.

We have also been successful in partnering non-profit organizations with for-profit business in creative ways that benefit the business through broadcast television.  This approach opens up new doors to non-profit collaboration with for-sprofit business as the business sees broadcast marketability in the association with the non-profit.  This can result in video production ranging from broadcast documentaries to school distributed educational videos.

With our goal to empower organizations and people who are doing good work for our state, our country and our world, we would love to work with your organization or business to further the reach and scope of your efforts.   Contact us and we’d be glad to talk with you about the possibilities.



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