Indonesia University Lectures/Workshops
BRIDGES to Tajikistan; Zumrad NGO, Dushanbe and Dono School, Khujand
METRO TV  Eagle Institute, Jakarta
VIDEO LIMA (5), Indonesia
SBO TV  “New VJ’s”, Indonesia
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Christopher Productions has created and produced projects throughout the world including consulting, video production, and program distribution.


Indonesia University Lectures/Workshops

As part of our international work, Mr. Schueler creates lectures and workshops at Universities about using the media to create positive social change on a variety of issues. During a trip to Indonesia, he spoke at Asia University in Melang and was honored by the University Vice Provost after the talk. In Surabaya, the Christopher Productions team spoke at IBMT University. Mr. Schueler along with his Jakarta partner from Impact Plus, Sancho Luis Edralin and Christopher Productions Art Director, Tom Ocken discussed using the media to influence change. Later, he was honored with an award from the IBMT University President.

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Bridges to Tajikistan; Zumrad NGO, Dushanbe and Dono School, Khujand

Special Report | Youth Videos

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Working with the US non profit, Bridges to Tajikistan and coordinating through representatives of the German NGO Caritas, Christopher Productions helped organizations in the capitol city of Dushanbe as well as the city of Khujand train youth to create short videos that would highlight their lives and important social issues in their community.

In Dushanbe, Mr. Schueler worked through a non profit, Zumrad, to train youth who had aged out of the orphanage system (Internat Schools) in Tajikistan. These students learned how to fully produce - write, shoot and edit- short video segments that would highlight their current lives. These videos will then be used on line to help Zumrad and Caritas raise funds for and awareness of these young people’s needs and lives.

I had a great time when Chris arrived to our center DONO. It was a very good experience for me. He taught us how to make our own documentary film and I have to say that it was great. The topics were very interesting and the method of teaching was cool. I have got amazing impressions that I never forget. I think that seminar will be beneficial for me in the future. I hope that the next year he visits us again.” (Zarrina)

In Khujand, a partnership was developed with Dono School, a private school for youth who want to become fluent in English and also increase their various educational skills. The students spent two days training in basic video production and began work on several social issue videos including the importance of education, the dangers of early marriage, HIV/AIDS concerns, and others.

Metro TV Eagle Institute, Jakarta

» Master Class Brochure

Christopher Productions has worked with Metro TV (the 24/7 national news station) in Jakarta and the Eagle Institute dedicated to documentary film in Indonesia and worldwide, to create several master classes for film makers.

These classes focus on the structure and production of social issue documentary films to create positive change throughout Indonesia.

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Video Lima (5), Indonesia

» Video Clips: Spirit of the City | Distracted Driving | STD

Video Lima (Video Five) SBO TV Surabaya, Indonesia This project involved having over 30 teams of youth (Older High School and College Students) create 30 second to 4 minute mini documentary videos around various social issues of interest to them. We selected the top three programs and then worked with their particular team of youth over a few days to create a specific 30 second video with the theme “Spirit of the City”. These were filmed and edited by the three youth crews and broadcast at the SBO Anniversary Celebration Show and during other station programming.

The process of their production was the major tool for behavior change on the various issues selected. As an example, please see the clips above regarding HIV and Distracted Driving. While working on this project the youth come to understand the facts around the issue and discuss this with their peers and community. They become the “change agents” for the issue through their work and the broadcast of their video. They continue the process of change by telling friends, family, peers and others who behave contrary to their fact based video, the realities of their behavior. They also become role models for the various target audiences.

The SBO TV station then honored the youth with a five hour live broadcast as we gave away awards to the youth teams who created these wonderful videos. This further elevated and empowered the youth to continue to create change in their peers and communities.

The Gran Sueno, Nicaragua

» Nicaragua Final Report
» Video Clips: Canal 2 National News Story | Youth Produced News Story 1 | Youth Produced News Story 2 | Youth Produced News Story 3 | Youth Produced News Story 4

The Gran Sueno is an education project in Nicaragua that uses the process of television production as a means of educating young people eventually leading to attitude and behavior changes. Based on the News 101 project (see "Training" menu item), this project entails supplying youth groups throughout Nicaragua with cameras, audio equipment and training in the basics of television production and journalism. Phase One of the project involved each of these trained youth communicator groups producing a short news story which was broadcast on the national television station, Channel 2. We also partnered with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, Johns Hopkins trained Centro para Programas de Comunicacion, and ASONVIHSIDA (an education based organization run by people living with HIV-AIDS). Ultimately, this will provide capacity for these youth trainees to address other health and social issues in the future. Phase Two of the project will involve the creation of a national documentary highlighting AIDS/HIV education and utilizing the trained youth communicators.



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