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Who oversees the health of the citizens of the United States?

The Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service is the only uniformed service in the world dedicated to public health. As part of the Health and Human Services Department, the Commissioned Corps first guiding principal is to “protect, promote and advance the health and safety of the nation”.

The PHS Commissioned Corps has 11 professional categories including physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, scientists and others in 800 locations across the US and around the world. Today there are over 6,000 officers in the Commissioned Corps who work in over 20 federal agencies from the Indian Health Service, CDC and FDA to the National Park Service and Federal Bureau of Prisons. They are the health link through our governmental agencies.

“Commissioned Corps officers were the only United States Government asset to provide direct patient care to health care workers with Ebola in West Africa.”
- President Barrack Obama, Sept. 2015

In the past three to four decades, this uniformed service has not only become more “invisible”, it has struggled to be supported in its mission. While PHS officers continue incredible work here and around the globe, changes in our government have affected their service.

This project will include a one-hour documentary that covers the history and role of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. In addition to a broadcast program, the project will also include several short videos highlighting aspects of the PHSCC that can be used internally for Corps officers and externally, by officials and community leaders to educate about the role that the officers play in the FUTURE health of our country and the world.

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