SafeTeenSafeTeen New Mexico, established in 2001, is a youth driven, community based non-profit organization. SafeTeen partners with various public and private entities to fund and create high school programs that educate teens about the real consequences of poor decisions related to risky behaviors. Christopher Productions is contracted to manage the SafeTeen Board of Directors and oversee/produce all SafeTeen activities.

Safeteen's vision is to create awareness by youth, for youth to facilitate healthy decision making. Students and school staff work together with SafeTeen to customize school based programs as well as broad based social marketing campaigns on teen safety issues. Our goal is to prevent injury, death and disability resulting from poor teen choices.

One of the keys to SafeTeen's success is the constant involvement of youth through our partnership with the New Mexico Youth Alliance. In addition to having three voting youth members on our board of directors, the Youth Alliance is critically involved in every aspect of our work. Youth members sit on every committee and are always involved in the development of each social issue campaign.

There are two primary activities of SafeTeen:

SafeTeen works with school students and staff to create a customized, in school assembly or series of assembly programs that address the issues and consequences that can have lifelong and even deadly outcomes including: distracted driving, alcohol, drugs, mental health issues, date violence and others.  In conjunction with the school, SafeTeen works with a core group of students to create an innovative, high impact experience that allows teens to hear from their peers and fully understand the dangers that exist around these youth related issues.  Each school controls the content and delivery of their particular message.

SafeTeen creates a social marketing campaign each year around a youth safety issue.  With topics selected in conjunction with our Youth Advisory Board, the campaign usually consists of a television broadcast documentary and statewide town hall meeting, other electronic and print media partnerships, as well as innovative outreach efforts including text messaging, internet components and other social networking outreach.

The programs are designed for parents and teens to watch together or for use in school classrooms and with other youth organizations.  An accompanying viewer guide encourages open discussion about teen choices and healthy decision making.

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