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"Television to Touch the Heart"

Christopher Productions has created over 100 television programs in the past 20 years that have garnered 21 Emmy® Awards and have been broadcast throughout the country and around the world. Focusing on educational and social issues, Christopher Productions has over two decades of experience in youth programming, cultural and social documentaries and family series television all geared to create "Television to Touch the Heart." Our clients have ranged from the United Nations to the PBS network to the CBS Network Foundation.

Chris Schueler, Christopher Productions' president, is the creator of the nationally-syndicated teen news project "News 101," a program that trains teenagers to produce television news for local network affiliates. The company also creates and produces the internationally-syndicated animal adventure television series "Wild's Life."

Christopher Productions' documentary projects have explored important issues ranging from air quality to domestic violence, which have aired on PBS, The Learning Channel, The Classroom Channel, and over 100 domestic markets as well as 35 countries. In addition to the United States, filming locations have included Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Documentaries focusing on the environment, health and social issues, and Native American challenges have raised public awareness and also impacted public policy.

Most recently Christopher Productions has created social marketing and outreach campaigns involving extensive use of the media to address underage drinking, domestic violence, youth suicide and family mental health issues. Each of these projects included organizing partnerships with non-profit stake holders, government entities and private businesses. These documentaries and community outreach projects included not only broadcast of the programs in prime time, but also curriculum guides, Town Hall meetings, specialized educational videos, and internet components including live web cam interaction and discussion groups as well as cell phone text messaging.

In the past decade, Christopher Productions has been nominated for over 45 Emmy awards and boasts honors including:

  • The Grand Award for Programming at the New York Festivals;
  • Two International Iris Awards;
  • The National Education Association Award for the Advancement of Learning through Broadcasting;
  • Two CBS network awards for Excellence in Community Service;
  • Two Service to Children's Television Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters; and
  • The Parents' Choice Award.

The company's programs have also won several Telly Awards, and The National Broadcast Association for Community Affairs has named Chris Schueler national "Innovator of the Year." Click here to see the full list!

Our Partners

Many of our documentaries and broadcast campaigns involve non-profit partners. We have developed relationships that include many international, national and local organizations. One of our goals is to partner non-profit organizations with for-profit business in creative ways that benefit both partners through video production and broadcast television. This collaboration opens up amazing outreach opportunities for non-profits and new marketing doors for businesses. The for-profit business gives philanthropically while receiving targeted marketing in association with the video project they help fund. These projects can range from broadcast documentaries to school-distributed educational videos. If your organization is interested in telling its story through the use of video programs, please contact us. The following are a few of our past and present partner organizations:

  • Peace Corps
  • Youth Development Incorporated
  • Centro para Programas de Comunicacion
  • Cooperative Educational Services
  • United Nations FAO
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly, Inc.
  • NM Zoological Society
  • National Dairy Development Board of India
  • Commission on the Status of Women
  • Nicaragua Ministry of Health
  • Mother's Against Drunk Driving
  • University of New Mexico's Institute of Public Law
  • Listen Up Students Speak
  • SafeTeen
  • The Presbytery of Santa Fe
  • New Mexico Suicide Coalition
  • AIDS Orphan Education Trust of Uganda
  • NM Public Education Department

A Unique Approach

Our campaigns use the process of media creation as a major tool to implement social behavior change around the given subject. Most of our social marketing programs use the electronic media (television, radio and social media) as the main hook for involvement of both the target audience and the community at large. Christopher Productions creates a web of interaction between youth and their communities while information is disseminated through person to person contact at a very grass roots level. The actual media project that is created is really a facilitator of this outreach, is the “cause” of the outreach, and serves as a primary catalyst to more substantial and long lasting understanding of the issue. Youth and communities learn about the issues through the production process and then help tell others with the media tools that they have helped create as well as, and more importantly, through personal knowledge.

Our projects include extensive involvement of the various target audiences in the creation of the media, be it video or audio tools/programs/commercials or other venues. In fact, if the project was not to broadcast – our main outreach goals would have been achieved through the pre-production and production process. This includes investing those audiences in the program and it’s production and allowing them (youth in particular) to help locate and research the information needed for the program, help video or audio tape the program, involve them in any live broadcast (through web cam and texting technology), and conduct premiers of the program in their community, school, or specific classroom.



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